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I am so lucky to have met so many people who care about others.  Who show this in so many different ways. I aim  to follow their example. For many people in the sports and arts, diversity and inclusion are just the way of things.  Actively seeking the special sauce that makes a dynamic functioning group. It is essential to the activity. Please take a moment to connect with my tribe below.  Click on the images to go to their sites.

The Compound Home of Grappling Autism

The Compound

Home Of Grappling Autism

My home Dojo and the Spiritual Home of Grappling Autism. An amazing blend of concentration, physical endeavor and caring. I started here for myself but soon learned everyone is welcome and has a place in the tribe.

Knox Power Company LLC Personal Training

Knox Power Company

Personal Training 

Knox Power Co. is run by Devin and Emily. They train world record holders alongside people who have just had hip replacements. Everyone thrives. This is an example of where all are welcome. As Devin likes to say, “It’s all the same. Just the numbers are different,” which would be completely true if he and Emily didn’t do an amazing job of personalizing their training for every individuals' needs.

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