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During my looking into this I have found some interesting websites and articles. There seems to be agreement among autistic BJJ players that there are many benefits in the sport. Please let me know if you have any more references. The logos link to the pages.

The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood


When I was looking for what had been discovered in the field, I found this DoJo. I hope to reach out to them in the near future. Click on the logo to be taken to an interesting article.

From their website:

"The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood represents a holistic approach to the study of the art. By remaining mentally flexible and having the courage to try different approaches, we constantly improve and refine our training methods."

Reddit Jiu-Jitsu &
High Functioning Autism


This is a thread on Reddit where a number of people are sharing their experiences while practicing BJJ:

"I'm on the spectrum as well. I'm 23 and a month or so away from my blue belt. [..] I always thought athletics were not for me growing up but BJJ has been a door to a whole new part of myself. "

Vice T.V.

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Read about 11-year-old Desi Parker Conley's journey into Jiu Jitsu, his first competition, and how the gentle art is helping him battle autism.

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